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Hanataro Yamada
Natsuo? Where are you?

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Natsuo! How about we meet at the pharmacy? I'll be there shortly!

Oh! Viral-san!

That should help with the swelling and the pain!

It's not as cold anymore.

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[screened to Natsuo]

A-Ano... Well... how do I say this... Someone from my world arrived... and we talked... and you came up... and I explained.... the best I could about us... and.... he thinks we do that...


It feels like it's getting colder. Is it?

Matsumoto-san! Did you know Abarai-san is back?

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Ano... Viral-san! Are you ok? I haven't seen you around at all lately.

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A-Ano... If anyone needs anything from the pharmacy... well, I'm living there currently... so I can send anything you need!
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Mhm! Definetly a good month! It's snowing, Christmas will be here soon Though I'm not too sure what that's about..., and everyone seems to be in a good mood!

Matsumoto-san! How are you feeling? Is everything all right?

Sensei! I read the good news! I've been reading up on it... which is why I haven't been saying anything for a while now. But I'm confident I can help with the delivery when it's time!

Ne... I wonder if Natsuo is still coming over...

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Did you kill Ishida-san as well?

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Sensei... do you know about... babies?

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[screened to Ion]

Was it you?


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Eto... Anyone in need of a Healer? I have references, and I'll post them too! It gets kind of boring sitting around the pharmacy all day with no patients... or chores...

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So I'm for hire, I guess!

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